Dr. Priyanka Bhatia

About Dr. Priyanka Bhatia

Dr. Priyanka Bhatia

Meet our international Academic adviser (Middle East)

Priyanka Bhatia has been lecturing across many world-rate universities in the field of She serve the African Institute of Public Administration as the International Academic Advisor Managing collaborations and the institute portfolios and programmes in the Middle-East.

She has completed her Doctoral in the area of Business Management and is teaching in UAE since Jan 2015. Currently she is associated with Alhosn University Abu Dhabi and Geneva Business School (Lincoln University of Business Management) as an Honorary Lecturer.

Management over the years. Her Academic Credentials in Business Management includes Marketing and International Business made her pursue her corporate career first a Business Developer in one of the Leading Staffing Company in India. Her part for research paved after qualifying the Lectureship Test of UGC in 2012, after which the Doctoral Research was started in June 2013.