Challenged by the new global economy, the pandemic, technological innovations and growth in information technology; management of business and public institutions including big organizations now demand extra-ordinary executives who can successfully navigate through the uncharted landscape and competition to achieve concrete results and distinguishable excellence. Effective leadership can transform a good organization or public institution into a great one.

Transformational Leadership demands that todays leaders think out-of-the box and prospect amazing opportunities globalization has provided and, generate new ideas and strategies to lead even more successfully.

To help achieve greater results, tighten performance capabilities and generate innovations by expanding your leadership range, this Global Transformational Leadership Masterclass addresses the growing need for comprehensive development in two key areas evolving your personal leadership style and exploring best practices for activating Transformational Leadership that will connect the mission of governments and businesses to concrete business results.

Whether your goal is assessing your personal leadership strengths and weaknesses, crafting the ideal style for leading in a new role oc improving leadership across all levels in the organizational system; this learning experience provides new approaches to solving the complex challenges and offers you cutting-edge solutions to stay ahead of all challenges.

The strategic goal of the GTLM is to provide a truly global experience underpinned by local circumstances, perspectives and applications. You will emerge from this Masterclass, a proven leader — ready to make the tough decisions required to lead a 21 st century organization through volatile times. Empowered with a broader perspective and great insights, you face your beats more equipped to lead your organization to a sure future-certain and innovative, stronger and more goal-driven.

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